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Delivery Policy

We will make delivery to the address you state when you set up your account or update that address. We reserve the right not to deliver to all locations and will inform you when you apply to register an account with us whether we can deliver to your address.       A map showing our delivery area can be found here

You are responsible for making suitable arrangements to receive your delivery and giving us appropriate instructions. Your instructions can be left with us by completeing the form at checkout or by calling 01420 538902.

In the event that your delivery goes missing or is stolen from your doorstep or damaged while there, we do not accept liability, and will only offer compensation at our discretion.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept orders from any customer; considerations of delivery problems may give rise to such a refusal. We always endeavour to deliver on the day chosen by you, but do reserve the right to change it temporarily or permanently and will tell you if we do so.

 If we are unable to deliver to you, or have to deliver late, for reasons beyond our control, for example adverse weather conditions, strike actions, vehicle breakdown, traffic congestion or supplier failure, we cannot accept liability for any inconvenience or loss that this causes.

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